The Bru Brunnier Fellows are named for Henry J. "Bru" Brunnier, who was a charter member of the Club and then President of the San Francisco Club as well as of Rotary International. He was a leading structural engineer in his time: In San Francisco he helped with erection of the Russ, Standard Oil, Shell, Federal Reserve, and Zellerbach buildings, as well as the Clift Hotel and the Masonic Temple. He also helped with construction of the Bay Bridge in the 1930s and with planning for the West Coast defense network during World War II. Bequests made by "Bru" and his wife, Ann (the original Rotary Ann), were instrumental in founding the San Francisco Rotary Foundation, which currently has an endowment of more than $3 million.
In 1980, the Club and the Foundation established the Bru Brunnier Fellow as the highest joint award of recognition for exceptional service to the cause of Rotary. Requirements to become a Bru Brunnier Fellow include being a Paul Harris Fellow and being nominated by the Board of Directors of both the Rotary Club of San Francisco and the San Francisco Rotary Foundation. The nominee becomes a Bru Brunnier fellow when contributions made in the name of the nominee by other members reach $2,500.

Bru Brunnier Fellows

James Dietz
Bradford Swope
Edward Thompson
Bill Tolson
1987 Richard Saxton
PDG William B. Sturgeon
Chester R. MacPhee, Sr
1991 James M. Patrick II
1992 William H. Ecker
1993 Henry C. Todd
PDG Peter C. Lagarias
Marshall R. Blum
Alfred J. Barnston
Peter V. Taylor
1996 Dr. Angelo Capozzi
1997 Robert B. Wilhelm
1998 Richard C. Volberg
1999 Thomas C. Paton
2000 William A. Koefoed
2001 John Uth
Ernest J. Colant
Dr. Scharleen H. Colant
Curtis A. Burr
Anita T. Stangl
2006 James Bradley
2009 Eric Schmautz
Henry J. "Bru" Brunnier photo by Gabriel Moulin