Posted by Harmony Ma on Oct 27, 2021
A cornerstone of the Action Leadership Program with Students (ALPS) is multigenerational relationships, and this group of participants really showed us what that is all about! By fostering a collaborative and positive group environment, ALPS students were able to execute their vision of bringing generations together through connection and song. 

Over the past few months, a group of five students gathered together to explore ways to show the seniors and older adults in their neighborhood that they are seen, valued and important members of our community, but especially that they are not alone. The students decided to show the seniors how much they cared through connecting in a way that was very personal and meaningful to them: song!
(Left to Right: Izzy, Reanna, Gaby)Connecting with NEXTVillage, a nonprofit between Russian Hill and Chinatown that provides services and support to older individuals, these ALPS participants coordinated several visits under COVID-19 guidelines to sing, perform and hang out with seniors. Students recognized positive communication, enthusiasm and encouragement, and taking initiative as the key factors in their team that contributed to the success of their project. They also recalled learning the importance of organization and trust when collaborating with others. 

Pictured left to right are Izzy, Reanna, and Gaby. What a beautiful experience!

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ALPS is our Club’s newest, innovative youth leadership program created to serve the young people of our community and encourage opportunities in multigenerational leadership. 
Through youth-generated, adult-facilitated community projects, we provide hands-on learning experiences for high schoolers to cultivate their leadership potential. ALPS empowers youth with the confidence and tools to successfully lead change projects in their schools, communities and worlds. Our programs prepare youth to be service above self leaders for a civil society and healthy communities.
If you would like to participate in any capacity, serve the young people in ALPS or just learn more, please reach out to Harmony Ma.
Left to Right: ALPS Leadership Coach Christian Amsberry of SF Evening Rotary Club, Senior, Gaby, Izzy)
(Left to Right: ALPS Leadership Coach Christian Amsberry of SF Evening Rotary Club, Senior, Gaby, Izzy)