Posted by Daniel Joraanstad on Aug 21, 2018
On August 14, 2018, our Club inducted four new members.
Brian Lan (pronounced “lawn”) moved to San Bruno three years ago and works for Merrill Lynch in the City. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame and is an active member of their Alumni Association. He also has attained his Certified Financial Advisor designation and belongs to the CFA Society of San Francisco. Brian grew up in Ohio, and his family now lives in South Carolina. He joined Rotary because: “I want to associate with good people at the beginning of my career. Gaining exposure to other perspectives and behaviors will be a good model for me to emulate. I want to achieve personal growth and networking.” Brian is interested in Club service operations, fundraising and youth services.
Deborah Wakefield recently moved to San Francisco to start a senior services concierge business. She has been a Rotarian for about 15 years in 3 Clubs in the Seattle area. She used to be a recruiter in her former work life, in the area of employee retention. Deborah has done much in the area of membership retention for Rotary and hopes to again focus on this key area for our Club. She has a golden retriever named Tucker who brings her great joy. Deborah lives in Pacific Heights.
Steve Minchen was a member of our Club for about 5 years starting in 2002. When he and his wife, Kelly, were raising the kids—three adults now—it became more convenient to belong to Rotary in Danville where they lived. Now with his business thriving in San Francisco, and the desire to still be part of Rotary, he finds it a pleasure to return to our Club. Steve is interested in fundraising, public relations, and membership. He and Kelly love to travel. Steve somehow finds the time to be on the boards of four nonprofit organizations.
Tyler Sterk went to the University of California at Santa Barbara and lived and worked in San Diego as a CPA. He wanted a deeper client connection and so became a financial advisor with Merrill Lynch and moved to Green Street in San Francisco about 7 months ago. On a foggy day at Rotary Twilight Golf, he met Tim Hornbecker, and they struck up a friendship on the damp fairways of Harding Park golf course. Tim is both sponsor and mentor for Tyler. Tyler belongs to Liberty Church of San Francisco and also the California CPA Society. Giving back to those who are less fortunate is important to him. Also, “I want to surround myself with others who share a similar passion for giving and who may be mentors for me.” Tyler is Interested in community and youth services.