Posted by Daniel Joraanstad on Sep 01, 2019
About 25 enthusiastic members of our Club met up at the Oakland Coliseum on Sunday, August 26, 2019 along with six other Rotary Clubs from two Rotary Districts for a tailgate and the Bay Bridge Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland A's. The bet was on as to which one of the Rotary Clubs would go home with a check for its Foundation.
The skies were clear and sunny, and almost everyone was seated in the sun while only a few got some shade. The Rotary Club of Oakland organized the day, which included a delicious pre-game barbecue and even added a cake contest, resulting in five winners. Many thanks to Peter Sherris, president of the Rotary Club of Oakland, and his organizing team for a perfect day.
The game was close, but in the end, the San Francisco Giants came out ahead with a score of 5 to 4 over the Oakland A's. The victory resulted in the Rotary Club of Oakland sending to the Foundation of the Rotary Club of San Francisco a check for $100. We hope to have many Oakland Rotarians join us for the Fly with the Foundation Blue Angels event on Sunday, October 13.Rhonda Poppen, Bob Hermann, JT Forbus, Hana Xu Wang, Bill Poppen, Casey Blair, Tim Hornbecker, Dan Joraanstad, Christopher Wiseman and friends