Posted by Harmony Ma on Nov. 11, 2020
The Action Leadership Program with Students (ALPS) is our Club’s newest, innovative youth leadership program created to serve the young people of our community and encourage opportunities for multigenerational leadership. We need Rotarians to join us as leadership coaches and content experts to:
  • build their own leadership and project facilitation skills.
  • guide high schoolers in cultivating their own leadership potential.
  • create impacts or give back to their local communities through service.
  • learn more about the different communities that exist within the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • get out of their comfort zone and expand their world view.
Inspired by transformative experiences students had at RYLA, ALPS provides a year-long leadership experience that is offered to young people who have traditionally had less access to leadership development or adult guidance.
Through youth-generated, adult-facilitated community projects, we provide hands-on learning experiences for high schoolers to cultivate their leadership potential. ALPS empowers youth with the confidence and tools to successfully lead change projects in their schools, communities and world. Our programs prepare youth to be service above self leaders for a civil society and healthy communities.
ALPS currently has several relationships with schools in the SFUSD and targets schools with fewer students and resources, continuation or vocational programs, and classes with a focus on social justice and activism. 
One ongoing project involves guiding three students in their development of a social justice club at their high school; other projects being vetted include research around mental health awareness and strategies designed for students and advocating for student/learning-centered use of instructional minutes. 
If you would like to participate in any capacity or serve the young people in ALPS, please reach out to Harmony Ma.
Our next Leadership Coach training is scheduled for November 21, 2020. Sign up here.