Posted by Carla Walter on Nov 11, 2018
Here is a report we just received from Jon Dwyer, 2018-19 Governor of District 5160, which includes the Rotary Club of Paradise, California:
The first thing of course everyone has asked is “what can I do to help?”. While there will no doubt be a lot more information about many ways to help, to start with The Paradise Rotary Club has indicated that people can make contributions via their Club’s Foundation. 
PDG Pam Grey and Brian live in Paradise, Brian is the current President of the Paradise Rotary Club. They will be accepting donations to be used to assist folks in the short and long term via the “The Paradise Rotary Foundation”. Since they are pretty sure that the Paradise Post Office is gone, they have asked that they be mailed c/o Scheer Memorial Chapel, 2410 Foothill Blvd, Oroville, Ca 95966. 
We believe that all of the Rotarians and families are physically OK, and were able to evacuate. We do not have any accurate information of who has lost what, etc. There have been bits and pieces of info from people that essentially said “we’re OK, but the way the fire was burning, as were getting out, it will be a miracle it our home escaped unscathed”. One report said that the High School was gone. Historically it has been my experience that an awful lot of things we see or hear in the news are “not as bad as they make them out to be”. Sadly I’m afraid that is wishful thinking this time around. 
We’ve heard from the Youth Exchange Student (Valeria from Columbia) that she and her host family got out OK, but the house and school are gone. She said “we are safe and the only thing I saved was my passport and that is the only thing that matters”.