Posted by Dora Dye on Aug 17, 2019
Potential Rotary Leaders Seminars (PRLS) are a series of courses designed by Rotarians to teach Rotarians skills and techniques as they prepare to assume leadership roles in their Clubs. The program was developed by Betsy Koefoed, Bill Koefoed, and Michael Ford, all former members of our Club. Those who complete Basic PRLS can go on to complete the Master PRLS series of five courses.
On Saturday, August 17, 2019, course No. 3 of the Master PRLS series was offered in San Francisco; Michael Ford and Richard Swart facilitated the class. The course covered how to facilitate meetings and groups of people and how to make group decisions. We were given many opportunities to work in groups and test what we had learned.
John Dean, Susan Dean, and Dora Dye from our Club joined other Rotarians from District 5150 to complete PRLS 3. Congratulations to all!

PRLS courses provide an opportunity for us to hear how other Rotarians think and operate in their Club, discuss best practices, and broaden our leadership skills. For registration and more information on this program, please contact Michael Ford or Richard Swart, District 5150 PRLS Co-Directors.