Posted by Daniel Joraanstad on Nov 18, 2018
Our Club held a membership induction like no other; we inducted 3 individual members and 2 corporate members on November 13, 2018. They are:
  • Kelly Minchen (Realtor; Coldwell Banker)
  • Madison Pauly (Management Consulting; Deloitte Consulting)
  • Mary Qian (Event Planning; Shen Zhou Event)
  • Jane Ferguson Flout (Non-profit Management; Catholic Charities San Francisco)
  • Pat Gallagher (Development; Catholic Charities San Francisco)
  • Carol Laughlin (Non-profit Community Engagement; Catholic Charities San Francisco)
  • Colleen McCarthy (Non-profit Management; Catholic Charities San Francisco)
  • Jilma Meneses (Non-profit Management; Catholic Charities San Francisco)
  • Michael Behrens (Development; San Francisco State University)
  • Laura Burrus (Higher Education; San Francisco State University)
  • Carmen Domingo (Scientist; San Francisco State University)
  • Vance Vredenburg (Higher Education; San Francisco State University)
Individual Members
Kelly Minchen owns and operates Coldwell Banker along with her husband, Steven Minchen, in San Francisco. Steven joined our Club in August 2018 and sponsored Kelly. They have two grown children. Kelly hopes to volunteer in public relations, fundraising, and community service as a Rotarian.
Madison Pauly graduated from UC Berkeley where she was active in Rotaract from 2013-2017. She works at Deloitte Consulting and “intends to bring an open mind and a helping hand to Rotary.”
Mary Qian is an event director for the Shen Zhou annual gala. She noted in her application that as an immigrant to the United States, she loves the freedom and opportunity here. Mary is a former member of the Rotary Club of Millbrae.
Corporate Member:  Catholic Charities
Catholic Charites is involved in numerous good works for marginalized communities in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Their mission coincides with many aspects of Rotary and in particular, our Club. Marti Sullivan of our Club is the sponsor for Catholic Charities, and Catholic Charities has designated the following as individual members:
Jane Ferguson Flout is the Director of Strategic and Community Partnerships and is looking forward to connecting Rotarians with community service opportunities. She is a graduate of both UC Berkeley and Princeton University.
Patricia Gallagher is the Chief Development Officer and a graduate of the University of Santa Clara. She is interested in promoting the mission of the Rotary Club of San Francisco, building relationships within the Club and being a part of a stronger San Francisco.
Carol Laughlin is the Volunteer Services Manager and attended the University of South Florida.  Her hope is to develop mutually connected service opportunities between Catholic Charities and our Club. She would also like to help with social events, fundraising, and community service.
Colleen McCarthy is the Director of Grants and Contracts and a graduate of the University of Nevada. Colleen was raised on the philosophy that volunteering and helping others is important not only within society but for one’s own personal experience.
Jilma (pronounced “Hilma”) Meneses was appointed CEO of Catholic Charities in July 2017 after a nationwide search; she is a graduate of UC Berkeley. She is interested in seeing how Catholic Charities can collaborate with our Club on co-branding.
Corporate Member: San Francisco State University
San Francisco State University (SFSU) desires to be more engaged in the community and sees our Club as an ideal partner to accomplish that goal. The University also wishes for its students to experience a more community-oriented approach while living and working in San Francisco. SFSU has designated the following as individual members:
Michael Behrens is the Senior Director of Development as well as a documentary film producer, inventor, and small business owner. He is a graduate of the University of Idaho and the University of San Francisco. His desire is to increase service to the community.
Laura Burrus is the Chair of the Biology Department and a graduate of the College of William and Mary and the University of Wisconsin. She is interested in linking SFSU students to service activities and notes that the Biology Department trains much of the biotech workforce of the Bay Area and relevant regulatory agencies but not many people are aware of that role. Laura has already enjoyed working at Rotary Meadows and hopes to develop a project linked to Lake Merced.
Carmen Domingo is the Dean of the College of Science and Engineering and a graduate of UC Berkeley.  Says Carmen, “I am a Latina and a scientist, and I care a lot about educating our students in the sciences.”
Vance Vredenburg is a Biology Professor, currently doing research on diseases in amphibians, and a graduate of UC Berkeley. He hopes to connect the diverse student body at SFSU with our Club and is especially interested in service projects that help restore natural environments.
Please join me in welcoming all of these new members to our Club. Also, thank you to Ann Daugherty, Bob Hermann, and Tyler Sterk for hosting our new members during the meeting.