Posted by John Dean on May 21, 2020
With the continued shelter-in-place orders and restrictions on large social gatherings, the Club has shifted in recent weeks to an online, virtual meeting format using the popular “Zoom” platform. Logging onto the meetings is simple and can be done from any mobile device (smartphone, tablet, or laptop) or a desktop computer. Zoom allows you to utilize your device’s camera (if equipped), or you can simply use “AUDIO ONLY”. In addition, toll-free numbers are available which allow you to simply call in to the meeting using your phone and essentially be in “conference call” mode. 
There is an excellent YouTube video, which will walk you through each step of the Zoom process. The link is here. The video is only eight minutes long and is aimed at first-time Zoom users. It shows how to log on and how to use the various features of Zoom to fully participate in the Club meeting. If you have been hesitant to join these virtual meetings, this short video will put you fully at ease. 
Don’t want everyone to see your bedroom (or kitchen)? Learn how to set a virtual background. Don’t feel like shaving? Or doing your hair/make-up? Learn how to use “audio only” or post a flattering photo in lieu of a live video of your smiling face.
Remember: you must register to “attend” these virtual meetings. You will then receive the Zoom invitation with the link to join the meeting. Registration is the same as for our “in person” meetings:  you may log on via Grindings or the Club website