Posted by Dora Dye on Apr 30, 2020
The Board of the Rotary Club of San Francisco met on March 31, 2020; a quorum was present. In addition to the Board, Club members Susan Dean, Bob Hermann, and Connor Krone were in attendance. 
The Board reviewed the upcoming events in the Club as listed on today’s Board agenda. The April 7, 2020 e-meeting with Rotary International President Mark Maloney as the speaker was open to everyone. President Casey mentioned the RCAT meeting on April 6 and the Vocational meeting on April 10 and announced that the District Cruise Con had been cancelled.
President Casey asked for ideas to engage members during e-meetings. 
The Board reviewed and approved the minutes for February 25, 2020 prepared by Dora. There were no comments or changes.
Gary presented the Treasurer’s report. He answered questions about the amounts in the RYLA account. The Board approved the Treasurer's report.
Dan presented four candidates for membership:  Kaushal Chokshi, Hayden Gubernick, Jessica Hansen, and Alex Omoko. Kaushal would join as the spouse of current member Jyoti Chokshi; Alex Omoko would transfer from a Rotary club in Nigeria to our Club; Hayden and Jessica would join through our corporate member Alliance for Smiles. Mary Liu would leave as one of the corporate members of Alliance for Smiles and become an individual member. The Board approved all of these candidates.
Dan also discussed who was leaving our Club and the plan to elevate Audrey McKeague, Don Parachini, and Kay Clarke to honorary membership. The Board approved the named individuals for honorary membership.
Dora asked for the language for the changes in the Bylaws discussed at the January 14, 2020 Board meeting. Dan presented the language, and the Board reviewed and approved for presentation to the membership. Members would vote on these changes at the Club Assembly now scheduled for May 19, 2020.
Dora thanked the vice presidents on the Board for completing the goal sheets for District 5150. Casey shared screen the final figures. Dora referred to her comments on the RI Presidential Citation application and said that she would contact members of this Board for data.
Mary reported that Interact meetings were being held regularly via Zoom. She taught the Interactors how to use Zoom.
Mary gave a report on her business networking session held on March 26, 2020. She announced that the next session would be held on April 10, 2020.
The rest of the meeting was devoted to a discussion of ALPS.
The meeting was adjourned at 2 p.m.
The Board of Rotary Service, Inc. met on March 31, 2020; a quorum was present.
The Board reviewed and approved the minutes for February 25, 2020 prepared by Dora.
Gary presented the Treasurer’s report. He answered questions about the amount in the Fund the Future account. The Board approved the Treasurer's report.
President Casey led a discussion on how to handle DDF funds for events that had been cancelled due to COVID-19. The Board approved rolling the DDF Funds designated for the 2020 Bike Build to 2021.
Connor Krone gave an update on the metrics to date and the effect of the shelter-in-place order on ALPS projects. He mentioned that he had created more transparency and more data regarding his work.

Lynn joined the meeting. He and Connor presented three possible scenarios to finish the ALPS contract. The first choice was to terminate ALPS after 30 days. The second was to continue ALPS for the term shown in the original contract. The third was to take a reduction in pay and complete the year offering ALPS online. The Board approved the third choice with one Board member in opposition.

Dan said that the Club Foundation was terminating funding to ALPS immediately, waiving the clawback clause in the original contract, and requiring ALPS to use the funds it raised from the January 15, 2020 Fund the Future event going forward.
This meeting was adjourned at 1:57 p.m.

NOTE:  These highlights are from March 31, 2020 and were approved on April 28, 2020.