Posted by Daniel Joraanstad on May 14, 2019
New Members: Our Club is growing once again. In April 2019, we inducted two new members; in May, we inducted four. Please reach out, say hello, and get to know our newest members.
Sonya Brunswick serves as a Pastor of the Greater Life Church, San Francisco. She is involved in several spiritual and community-based organizations and has significant experience in after school programs and working with youth. Sonya wants to develop relationships with people who are passionate about impacting the lives of others and making contributions to underserved communities. Sonya was inducted in April.

Maurice Rivers has lots of passion for the Oceanview Merced Ingleside Cultural Participation Project. He is the Executive Director of the organization which helps sponsor the Ocean Avenue Arts and Culture Festival in September each year. The organization also focuses on encouraging diversity and cultural equity. Maurice hopes to use his skills in social media to work on social justice causes and local community volunteering. He also looks forward to networking with business leaders and finding friends of like mind. Maurice was inducted in April.

Janet Krahling is well known to Rhonda and Bill Poppen from their mutual membership at Epic Church. Bill and Rhonda serve as Janet’s sponsors, and Luis Moran is her Mentor. Janet lives in Mission Bay and works for Compass Real Estate. She is a member of the SF Association of Realtors and also serves on an advocacy group for foster youth, where she is a Court-Appointed Special Advocate. She looks forward to helping with programs serving children, the homeless and the hungry. Janet was inducted in May.

Mary Liu is sponsored by Anita Stangl, and Xu Wang is her Mentor. She was born in Hong Kong and is an alumna of San Francisco State and works as a realtor for Vanguard. In her volunteer work she has served as a mission director for Alliance for Smiles, and she has also been the Executive Director of e-Women Network. She looks forward to working with like-minded people to make a difference in the lives of others. Mary was inducted in May.

Maureen O’Shea is sponsored and mentored by Gary Keener. In her professional career she served the community as a probation officer. She is an alumna of the University of San Francisco and is currently a docent at San Francisco City Hall and a marriage commissioner for the City and County of San Francisco. Maureen has been active in San Francisco Special Olympics and serves on the Board of Chemical Awareness and Treatment Services. She volunteers for many groups, including The Salvation Army, Edgewood Children Services, and numerous political activities. Maureen was inducted in May.

Migena Schroeder is joining by transferring from the Rotary Club of Tirana in Albania. She graduated from educational institutions in Albania and in Germany. Her husband, Dan, is German. She is a lawyer in the field of government affairs and owns a corporation which provides legal services. She also owns a company involved with security systems, and she manages real estate investments in Germany and Albania. Migena was inducted in May.
Welcome to our Club!