Posted by Daniel Joraanstad on Nov 01, 2018
I’m excited to announce that our Rotary Club of San Francisco is launching a new Corporate Membership program. Both for-profit companies and non-profit organizations that become sponsors of our Club can designate up to five individuals as individual Active Members. Our first two Corporate Members are both non-profits: Catholic Charities of San Francisco and San Francisco State University
In accordance with our Club Bylaws, I am pleased to announce that the Board has accepted the nomination of eleven new individual members, nine of whom are designees of our new Corporate Members.
These new members are scheduled to be inducted into our Club at our November 13 luncheon meeting:
  • Michael Behrens (Development; San Francisco State University)
  • Laura Burrus (Higher Education; San Francisco State University)
  • Carmen Domingo (Scientist; San Francisco State University)
  • Jane Ferguson Flout (Non-profit Management; Catholic Charities San Francisco)
  • Pat Gallagher (Development; Catholic Charities San Francisco)
  • Carol Laughlin (Non-profit Community Engagement; Catholic Charities San Francisco)
  • Colleen McCarthy (Non-profit Management; Catholic Charities San Francisco)
  • Jilma Meneses (Non-profit Management; Catholic Charities San Francisco)
  • Madison Pauly (Management Consulting; Deloitte Consulting) 
  • Mary Qian (Event Planning; Shen Zhou Event)
  • Vance Vredenburg (Higher Education; San Francisco State University)
Rotary International and Rotary Clubs around the world have been experimenting with Corporate Membership for several years. The results have included growth in individual membership as well as powerful alliances between Rotary Clubs and local organizations that want to build a better world.
See more information about how our Corporate Membership program works here.