Posted by Daniel Joraanstad on Apr 16, 2020
Never waste a good crisis. The COVID-19 crisis has thrust Zoom into everyone's reach. What a great platform for learning! Our Membership Committee has long talked of a series of educational sessions, and the technology of crisis handed us a great way to reach people.
The inauguration of the educational series titled Becoming People of Action through Learning and Growth was held on April 16, 2020. Terry Pickering, incoming VP of Membership, spoke on the topic: Rotary Connects the World. He focused on three areas to illustrate this topic including Youth Exchange, Global Scholarship, and Peace Fellows.  

The attendee list was at 20+ including a participant from the Rotary Club of London-Putney. We had several Club members attend who have joined in the last 18 months, and we had four presidents on the Zoom session as well. Terry did a fine job presenting for about 20 minutes with an additional 25 minutes devoted to Q&A.  

See here for upcoming sessions in this series.