Posted by Stacey Poole on Dec 02, 2021
Rotary Club of San Francisco
The Club Board met on October 26, 2021; President Mary Liu called the meeting via Zoom to order at 12 noon. In attendance were President Mary Liu, Christopher Wiseman, Gary Dales, Nancy Graydon, Casey Blair, Sunny Singh, Lisa Christian, J.T. Forbus, Miranti Ojong, Ed Shenkan, Bob Hermann and Stacey Poole, constituting a quorum. Brian Lan and Michael Petricca were absent. Dan Joraanstad was present, representing the San Francisco Rotary Foundation (SFRF). Non-Board members in attendance were Jenny Campbell, Jeff Lerner, and Marc Johnson.
The Board reviewed and approved the September 28, 2021 Club minutes. 

Treasurer Gary Dales discussed the September 2021 financial statements. Gary is in the process of sending out reminders to those members who have not yet paid their dues. Our deficit is less than budgeted for given the funds from the Blue Angels' event and fewer attendees at in-person meetings than anticipated. Gary also reviewed the Balance Sheet. A motion to approve the financial statements was made and approved.

President-Elect Christopher Wiseman, President Mary, and Jeff Lerner gave an update on the Blue Angels' event. 90 people attended. The event was deemed a success financially as well as being fun. It was also a good opportunity to expose Rotary to new people. $4,930.72 was raised. The Club is looking to make this an annual event in partnership with the Academy of Art University.

The Board voted to move the Annual Meeting from the third Tuesday of December (as required in the bylaws) to the second Tuesday of December since our Holiday Party is on December 14, 2021.  

Robin Azevedo was selected as November 2021 Rotarian of the Month for our Club.

Nancy Graydon, Vice President of Membership, presented married couple Rachel Donovan and Jeff Yih for consideration as members. Outside of their interesting careers, they have a non-profit - Moonbridge Alliance. Jeff’s father, Frank Yih, was a past president and an active member of the Shanghai Rotary Club. The Board approved Rachel Donovan and Jeff Yih for membership.

Jim Patrick was approved as the new TRF Chair, taking over for Sue Rokaw who has moved out of the area. The TRF Chair is an ambassador for our Club to raise funds for TRF.

Christopher Wiseman gave an update on the activities of the Nominating Committee. 

Club President Mary and SFRF President Dan Joraanstad reviewed the new online grant application that applicants will use in 2022-2023. The grant process has been modernized to provide more accurate recordkeeping.  

$8,032 of DDF Funds from 2020-2021 was returned to our Club as Rotary International did not fund the H2OpenDoors project we had previously allocated to the Uganda water project. Our International Service Committee will review global grant proposals and make a recommendation to the Grants Review Board on how funds should be reallocated; the Committee's recommendations will be voted on at a future Board meeting.

President Mary measured interest in having sponsorships on our Club's website in order to raise additional funds to offset the deficit. The Oakland and Los Angeles Rotary clubs have sponsorships on their website. President Mary will gather more information on costs and report back. 

The Club meeting was adjourned.
Rotary Service, Inc.
The Rotary Service, Inc. meeting was called to order.  
The Board approved both the minutes and the financial statements for September 2021. There was a request to remind people to pay their $20 for 20 pledges immediately.  
Thereafter, the meeting was adjourned at 1:32 p.m.
EDITOR'S NOTES: These highlights are from October 26, 2021 and were approved on November 30, 2021.