Posted by Dora Dye on Aug 15, 2018
About 25 members, prospective members, and Club Leaders packed the office of Lynn Luckow for the Quarterly meet-and-greet on August 15, 2018. There was an abundance of food and drink, and most important, goodwill and camaraderie to start the evening.
Well into the social hour, Dan Joraanstad, Membership Director, welcomed everyone. Then each attendee introduced themselves and explained why they were present. We even had a visiting Rotarian from Chicago. After the introductions, each person joined one of four groups and looked at two basic questions focused on what interests they had in serving the community and what projects the Club was focused on. A review of Club Projects 2018-2019 from Scott Plakun brought up much discussion. After each group had met, one person from each group reported on which activities were of interest and what else our Club could offer to members.
A grand time was had by all. Several prospective members told me that this evening inspired them to consider joining our Club.