Posted by Christopher Wiseman on Nov 18, 2021
In accordance with our Club's Bylaws, the Nominating Committee has selected these candidates for open positions on the Board of Directors:
2022-23 President: Christopher Wiseman
2022-23 President-Elect: Sunny Singh
2022-24 Vice President of Community Service: Emily Borland
2022-24 Vice President of Development: Maureen O'Shea
2022-24 Vice President of International Service: Frank Yoke
2022-24 Vice President of Membership: Margaret Miley
All members are encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting, to be held at the Holiday Party on December 14, to vote on these nominations.
Thank you to the following members for serving on this year’s Nominating Committee: Christopher Wiseman, Mary Liu, JT Forbus, Casey Blair, Rhonda Poppen, John Mathers, David Dye, Maureen O'Shea, Frank Yoke, Nancy Graydon, Stephanie Schmautz, and David Shen.