Posted by Lily Muldoon on Nov 24, 2020
This past summer Emergency Medicine doctors from San Francisco hospitals came together to paint a mural recognizing our patients and community during the challenging times caused by the global pandemic. On the outside wall of Zuni's Cafe on Market and Gough Streets, you will see a mural painted by ER doctors. I, too, was lucky to participate in this event.

"Over the past months, many caregivers and providers of health care witnessed the hardships that COVID-19 had on the health and well-being of our most underserved patients and families. Despite these hardships, we as emergency physicians experienced the incredible strength and resilience of our community in banding together - to shelter in place when possible, to make meals and provide groceries and food for our families, to provide public transportation to our essential workers, and so much more. 
Our Bay Area community supported our ER with meals during our shifts, groceries when we worked around the clock, masks and PPE when supplies were limited, social distancing to protect our most vulnerable patients, and hope; hope that we will work through these hard times and come out on the other end stronger.

To pay our respects and to share our love for our patients and community, we worked with Paint the Void to create a tribute mural to those who have touched our hearts and souls, to those we serve within and beyond hospital walls, to the true superheroes - our community!"
Please continue to stay safe, be well, and thank you for following the guidelines from our healthcare professionals.