Posted by Lilian Tsi-Stielstra on Nov 30, 2018
Stacey Poole had a great idea for a Rotary Social event, and Lilian Tsi-Stielstra agreed to host the event. Even the weather gods agreed it was a good idea. There was a break in the rain right about the time the party started.
Cecile Chiquette, Anita Stangl, and Deborah Wakefield showed up early and brought wine, food, and a lovely poinsettia plant to help with festive cheer. Pretty soon, people kept flowing in, and then we had a crowd. President Rhonda Poppen and her wonderful other half, Bill Poppen, brought excellent fruit platters. President-elect Casey Blair contributed a notable half keg of beer. President-elect Nominee JT Forbus brought irresistible cookies. Peter Logan “classed it up” for us with a seafood plate from a reputable restaurant. Jim Kennedy did not wear an ugly sweater. Lena Dokuchayeva brought her mother, who made blintzes and a potato salad to make the host ditch her “no-carbs-at-night” rule; the two of them dressed so adorably.
Laine Hendricks made it south of Marin to join us, as did the Schmautz family. As usual, Molly was able to get the party going. Eric and Stephanie were cute too. Katie is just starting to develop her Rotary party style.
New members: Jilma Meneses brought an awesome goodie bag from Catholic Charities to contribute to the White Elephant Gift Exchange. Mark Enis made an authentic pot of chili and outshined us all with his light-up holiday sweater.
Stacey Poole conducted the Gift Exchange, and much laughter took place over some of the white elephants. Some of us coveted the gifts… like Peter Logan’s bling-studded cap, even though there may be some copyright infringement in the logo used. Some of us “stole” and swapped till we got the elephant we would actually keep. Some of us might be re-using their elephants next year.
A lot of wine was consumed, so the “better friendships” were built. We all had a jolly good time. Thanks to Stacey for the brilliant idea.