Posted by Daniel Joraanstad on Jan 28, 2019
On the evening of January 8, 2019, Deborah Wakefield hosted a “Welcome to the Club” party at her spacious, early 20th century-styled apartment in Pacific Heights. Her lovely home put everyone in good spirits. Conversation among the 35+ new and prospective members was lively and grew more animated as the first hour of the cocktail party progressed. We enjoyed excellent wine and lots of good appetizers. 

At about the mid-point of the evening, Dan Joraanstad, Club Membership Chair, introduced our program with a look at volunteering. We divided into small groups. The focus was on the kinds of volunteer opportunities our new and prospective members have had as well as what service opportunities people were interested in. The small groups, guided by leaders, reviewed a summary of current projects on the Club's 2018-2019 calendar. If you're interested in reviewing what that summary looks like--it's quite impressive--click here

Then after a 15-minute discussion in the small group format, we returned to the larger gathering. At that point, each group reported back on what seemed to be the most striking idea from their small group. Our efforts on that early January evening were to help newcomers think about what projects they would like to participate in and review our current efforts. 

Many thanks to Deborah for her gracious hospitality. And thanks to all of the participants whether experienced leaders or newcomers for taking time for thoughtful dialogue--and fun! If you are looking to introduce someone to Rotary, these quarterly events are a good venue. Stay tuned for more.


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