Posted by JT Forbus on Jan 27, 2020
Club Rotarian Lynn Luckow graciously extended his place of business for the Welcome to the Club gathering on January 23, 2020. There were snacks and wine which helped proliferate meaningful conversations about Rotary and our Club. 
Maureen O'Shea leads a breakout group.Past President Rhonda Poppen led a structured part of the evening by describing the many facets of Rotary and our Club. She described her introduction as an attempt to “put an ocean into a glass!” There were breakout groups where Club members could spend meaningful time with new and prospective members to answer questions and discuss new member expectations. The evening concluded with the groups expressing the key points from the group discussions.  

Current leadership roles in attendance were President Casey Blair, President-Elect JT Forbus, Past President Rhonda Poppen, Past President David Dye, Past President Cecile Chiquette, Vice President of Membership Dan Joraanstad, Vice President of Youth Leadership Lynn Luckow, and Club Secretary Dora Dye.