Posted by Mark Enis on Nov 18, 2018
Our Club has had a significant increase in young professional members recently. President Rhonda and her husband, Bill Poppen, decided it would be fun to see how many could fit into their small kitchen. In attendance were Casey Blair, Bill Poppen, Rhonda Poppen, Madison Pauly, Sunny Singh, Tyler Sterk, Carolyn Kooi, and Mark Enis.

We were warmly welcomed and spent the evening getting to know each other. Rhonda and Bill provided delicious hors d’oeuvres and drinks, and we enjoyed an amazing view of the City skyline from their patio. The star of the night was the Poppens’ dog, Buddy, who helped himself to the entire cheese plate!
Thanks to Bill’s and Rhonda’s hospitality as a fun night was had by all.