March 7, 2021
From the Club Blog
Volunteers Make a Difference in RotaCare Bay Area
It’s been a difficult and challenging year for many programs and businesses; healthcare services in our country were no exception. Services at RotaCare Bay Area, like many others, had to pivot and realign to continue clinical care services to those in need. Rethinking and planning outside the box led to innovations used by the big healthcare providers in our smaller clinics. 
E-MEETING Highlights for March 2, 2021:  Alan Deardorff, International Trade and Trade Policy during the Pandemic
President JT Forbus (Accounting | Bogdan & Frasco) celebrated the first compact disc released on March 2, 1983 and led us virtually to Lombard Street in San Francisco. He also shared a video clip of the recent move in San Francisco of an entire Victorian house six blocks from its original location.
Visiting Rotarians and Guests
In today's audience were Moustafa Harfoush, Jamie Miller, Devin Lewis, Jeff Lerner, and today's speaker Alan Deardorff. Member Rachel Kantosky zoomed all the way from Trondheim.
President JT posed this question:  What was the first music album you purchased? He invited responses on the Chat.
Upcoming Events
E-MEETING March 9, 2021: Cinthia Carvajal and Ammarah Maqsood, Global Fund for Women: How Philanthropy & Politics Impact Gender Justice
In honor of International Women’s Day, we will be joined by two impressive members of the Global Fund for Women team - Cinthia Carvajal and Ammarah Maqsood - to learn more about what current politics and movements mean for women (in the U.S. and abroad), and how power and privilege can be shifted to women via feminist philanthropy. Join us to learn more about what we can all do to support gender justice and help create meaningful and lasting change for women and girls around the world. Advanced registration required. Connection instructions will be provided immediately to all who register.
SERVICE PROJECT March 13, 2021:  Volunteering at the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank
Join us to assemble and package food for distribution at the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank. The need for volunteers at the Food Bank has never been greater with the increased food insecurities in our community caused by COVID-19. Register Early: limited to 10 volunteers
E-MEETING March 16, 2021: Valerie McGrew, Snapshots of the Story of the Irish in San Francisco
A local historian, Valerie McGrew will provide an overview of the story of the Irish in San Francisco, including snapshots which focus on the contributions of the Irish to San Francisco especially during its early period and the turn of the 20th century. Advanced registration required. Connection instructions will be provided immediately to all who register.
ROTARY CLIMATE ACTION NETWORK  March 18, 2021:  Recapturing Wasted Carbon for Climate Change Mitigation
Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is crucial if we are to slow climate change, but emissions reduction alone is no longer sufficient to solve the climate crisis. Dr. Whendee Silver will discuss land-based, carbon dioxide removal strategies that convert high greenhouse, gas-emitting waste streams into composted soil amendments that in turn increase carbon dioxide removal and improve soil quality. Advanced registration required. Connection instructions will be provided to all who register.
SOCIAL March 18, 2021: Peter Logan, The Golden Age of Rock 'n Roll
Peter “Drumhead” Logan, our “DJ”, will take us through a brief history of rock ‘n roll from the 1960s through the 1980s.  Join us for an evening to listen, learn, and test your musical knowledge during DJ Peter’s music trivia game. Also, consider digging out those bell-bottom pants, your mini skirt or favorite tie dye tee shirt. Advanced registration required. Connection instructions will be provided immediately to all who register.
DISTRICT 5150 March 20, 2021: First Virtual District Assembly
This annual assembly provides a great deal of training and planning for the Rotary Year that begins on July 1, 2021. All Club members are invited, and all Club leaders are strongly encouraged to attend. Come and cheer for Mary Liu as she begins her year as our Club's President.
SERVICE PROJECT March 22, 2021:  Delivering Meals for The Arc San Francisco
Drivers needed to pick up pre-packaged meals at The Arc San Francisco and deliver to individual residences of Arc participants who are experiencing food insecurity. Exact directions will be provided when you pick up the meals. Hand delivery of meals must occur between 4 PM and 5:30 PM in advance of the Monday Night Dinner Club with Friends Like Me via Zoom to be held on the first and third Monday of each month.
E-MEETING March 23, 2021: Dr. Diane Birnbaumer, The Latest on COVID Vaccines
Dr. Diane Birnbaumer will discuss the COVID vaccines and answer questions related to these vaccines. Advanced registration required. Connection instructions will be provided immediately to all who register.
SERVICE PROJECT March 23, 2021: Baby Wipes Assembly for Homeless Prenatal Program
Join us at this service opportunity to bag baby wipes for giveaway to clients of the Homeless Prenatal Program. We will meet at an open-air warehouse to allow social distancing while assembling the baby wipes. Participation is limited to EIGHT people, so sign up early. Masks are required; double masks are preferred.
VOCATIONAL MEETING March 29, 2021: Presenting in a Digital World
Join us for Presenting in a Digital World, an interactive virtual workshop to boost your online communication skills. The workshop will be led by Jonathan Wisniewski, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Dale Carnegie. Networking opportunity at the end of the workshop. Advanced registration required. Connection instructions will be provided immediately to all who register.
E-MEETING April 6, 2021: Gary Kamiya, A Jaunt Through San Francisco
Rotarians and guests will join Gary Kamiya in a tour of San Francisco sites covered in his books and discover new parts of our City. Advanced registration required. Connection instructions will be provided immediately to all who register.
Congratulations!  March 2021 Birthdays and Rotary Anniversaries
March 6
   Karl Wustrack
March  8
   Jessica Hansen, Ryan Overton
March 11
   Frank Yoke
March 12
   JT Forbus
March 14
   John Dean
March 15
   Dan Joraanstad
March 16
   Kelly Minchen
March 19
   Terry Pickering
March 26
   Lena Dokuchayeva
March 28
   Andi Valo-Espina
March 29
   Michael Petricca
Note: This birthday list is based on membership information in ClubRunner. Please update your ClubRunner account to help us keep this information current. If you need help with ClubRunner, please contact our current Club Secretary.
1989: David Shen
2003: Paul Bach
2004: Tom Brunner, Greg Gutting
2009: Casey Blair
2010: Laine Hendricks
2014: Donna-Lee Rubin
2015: Jianying Chen, JT Forbus, Melissa Galliani, Dagmar Schaefer-Gehrau
2016: Lisa Stark
2017: Nahla Awad, Ryan Wilson
2018: Susan Dean, Christian Kuhn
2019: Rachel Kantosky, Leah Masuda, Irena Matijas, Christopher Wiseman
2020: Joseph Cresalia, Steven Lindstrom
Note:  The year listed above is when these members joined the Rotary Club of San Francisco. Happy anniversary to all!