June 14, 2020
From the Club Blog
A Statement from the Rotary Clubs of San Francisco
“Many doubt the justice of our country, and with good reason. Black people see the repeated violation of their rights without an urgent and adequate response from American institutions.”
George W. Bush, June 2, 2020
The systemic racism in our country is on view today, in the midst of health and economic crises. Violence is not the answer, but all Americans must listen to the voices raised in protest and take action. Rotary has served the needs
2020-2021 Becoming People of Action:  Learning and Growth
The Membership Committee continues its educational series in 2020-2021 entitled Becoming People of Action: Learning and Growth that will be delivered online to you. The objective is to provide insight and understanding of what it means to be a Rotarian.

Below are the upcoming programs scheduled every other Thursday starting in July 2020 from 12 noon and lasting approximately 45 minutes:
After a lifetime of community service in various venues, including volunteering on many projects with the Rotary Club of San Francisco with his husband, Membership Vice President Dan Joraanstad, Bob Hermann decided to join the Club in December 2017 in anticipation of his retirement in January 2018. Now he’s set to join the Board as Vice President of Community Service on July 1.
Albert Tolf and a Magical Journey through San Frantasia
Norm Lynde, a retired certified public accountant turned blogger, contacted our Club recently in search of a painting by one of our former members. That member was Albert Tolf (1911-1996) pictured here. Albert in his lifetime was well known for his paintings and cartoons about the city of San Francisco and its history. As I learned through three of our Club's past presidents: Jim Patrick, Scott Plakun, and Eric Schmautz, Albert Tolf is also the artist of the masthead that you see weekly at the top of each issue of our Grindings newsletter. Norm was kind to share his blog about his journey and experiences as he "traveled through San Frantasia"—the San Francisco that Albert depicted for us in great detail, building stories within stories. Norm also shared how he found hope in Albert's artwork for our City during this difficult period in all of our lives. Please go here and don't miss a single link.
Blog reprinted with permission from Norm Lynde
E-MEETING HIGHLIGHTS June 9, 2020: RI President-elect Holger Knaack
President Casey Blair (Financial Services: Private trading | KCB Trading, LLC) called the meeting to order at 11 AM and welcomed Rotary International President-elect Holger Knaack who was joining us as today's guest speaker all the way from Germany. Over 60 people–including a number of District 5150 leaders and members of other local clubs–attended today’s virtual meeting. President Casey began the meeting with a quote from the late Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.: "In the end, we will remember not the word of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." Then, he presented and read a Statement signed by the presidents of all ten San Francisco Rotary clubs. The Statement expresses Rotary’s support for racial equality and social justice. Read the Statement here.
Upcoming Events
E-MEETING June 16, 2020:  Emperor Norton’s Fantastic San Francisco Time Machine
Joseph Amster in his alter-ego as Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico, will talk about the original Emperor Norton — the man and the myth, his rise and fortune, how he lost everything and became the Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico, and how San Francisco embraced his Imperial reign. And be there to appreciate members who will receive special awards from leaders of Rotary District 5150. Advanced registration required. Connection instructions will be provided to all who register.
ROTARY CLIMATE ACTION NETWORK June 17, 2020: The Great Climate Debate
Join us for a virtual talk with futurist Paul Saffo and network with Rotarians to learn about the climate crisis and share individual, club, business and community actions. Advanced registration required. Connection instructions will be provided to all who register.
RI Virtual Convention June 20-26, 2020
Join the fun at the 2020 Rotary International Virtual Convention!
CLUB SOCIAL June 21, 2020:  Sunday Gathering
Join Rotarians, family, and friends every Sunday, and catch up on the week. There is no agenda – only a chance to chat and enjoy some fellowship. Open to Rotarians and guests of all ages. Advanced registration required. Connection instructions will be provided to all who register.
E-MEETING June 23, 2020: Debunking President Casey
It's time to thank President Casey for a job well done at the traditional "debunking". Come and find out what President-Elect Nominee Mary Liu has planned to help us forever remember President Casey as we say THANK YOU at the last Meeting of his year as Club President.
E-MEETING July 7, 2020: President JT Forbus
In his first meeting as Club President, JT Forbus will discuss the 2020-2021 Rotary International theme, Rotary Opens Opportunities and what it means for our Club.
EDUCATIONAL SERIES July 9, 2020: Community Service: Turning Passions into Reality
Bob Hermann, Vice President of Community Service, will take us through a sampling of the community service projects, various ways for Rotarians to serve, and provide some inspirational thoughts from Rotarians. This session is part of our educational series entitled 2020-2021 Becoming People of Action: Learning and GrowthAdvanced registration required. Connection instructions will be provided to all who register.
CLUB SOCIAL July 10, 2020:  Collage and Cocktails
Join Christopher Wiseman, who will share how collage can be fun, relaxing and inspiring. After introductions and showing a few examples, attendees will have an opportunity to collage, have a drink together and talk over Zoom. This activity is open to Rotarians and guests of all ages. If you join a little late, that is okay! Advanced registration required. Connection instructions will be provided to all who register.
E-MEETING July 14, 2020:  Hans-Ulrich Südbeck, Europe Reopens
Hans-Ulrich Südbeck, Consul General of the German Consulate General in San Francisco, will discuss Germany's and the European Union's responses to the coronavirus pandemic as well as the reopening of Europe. Advanced registration required. Connection instructions will be provided to all who register.