October 30, 2022

From the Club Blog
Membership News: October 2022
I am pleased to announce that the Board of Directors of the Rotary Club of San Francisco unanimously approved San Francisco State University on October 25, 2022 as our newest corporate member. 
In accordance with our Club Bylaws, the following will be inducted as our newest members in November 2022:
Jaime Chaves (Education | San Francisco State University)
Kevin Simonin (Education | San Francisco State University)
Vance Vredenburg (Education | San Francisco State University). Some of you may remember Vance. He is a former member who wishes to rejoin our Club.
Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about these proposed new members.
August 2022 and September 2022 Board Highlights
August 30, 2022 Board Highlights
Rotary Club of San Francisco
President Christopher Wiseman called the August 30, 2022 Board meeting to order at 10:47 AM. Stacey Poole, Secretary, recorded the minutes.
Attendees in person or on Zoom included President Christopher, Gary Dales, Sunny Singh, Wendy Shew, Frank Yoke, Margaret Miley, Jeff Lerner, Maureen O’Shea, Emily Borland, Mary Liu, Brian Lan, and Stacey Poole, constituting a quorum. Absent was Lisa Christian. Club member JT Forbus also attended the meeting.
Upcoming Events
ROTARY CELEBRATION November 1, 2022: Fall Membership Appreciation Lunch
Join our Fall Membership Appreciation Luncheon! This special luncheon is a celebration of our members and their contributions to the success of our Club. There will be awards and recognitions, special presentations, lots of socializing time, and fun activities. The luncheon begins at 11:45 AM.
SERVICE PROJECT November 7, 2022: Delivering Meals for The Arc San Francisco
Drivers needed to pick up pre-packaged meals at The Arc San Francisco and deliver to individual residences of Arc participants who are experiencing food insecurity. Exact directions will be provided when you pick up the meals. Hand delivery of meals must occur between 4 PM and 5:30 PM in advance of the Monday Night Dinner Club with Friends Like Me via Zoom to be held on the first and third Monday of each month.
ROTARY LUNCHEON November 8, 2022: John Rothmann and Election Day 2022
KGO 810 radio talk show host and political commentator John Rothmann, one of our most popular speakers, will discuss his thoughts about Election Day 2022 and other current political events. John always welcomes our questions.
ROTARY 101 November 8, 2022:  Emily Borland and Community Service Opportunities
Hear from Emily Borland, Vice President of Community Service, about the many volunteer opportunities open to you and all the community service projects that our Club supports. Whether you are new or returning, everyone is welcome!
CLUB SOCIAL November 13, 2022: Our Rotary Club's Friendsgiving
Bring in the holiday season early by joining us for our Rotary Club's Friendsgiving with lots of food, drink, games, and Rotary fellowship. This event is open to all Rotarians from the Rotary Club of San Francisco, their families, and guests. Registration is limited to 35 people. The deadline to register is November 6, 2022. Don't miss out! 
Congratulations!  November 2022 Birthdays and Rotary Anniversaries
November 9
   Robin Azevedo
November 14
   Emily Borland
November 19
   Larry Booth
November 23
   John Goings (Honorary Member)
November 24
   Peter Lagarias
November 26
   Jyoti Chokshi
November 28
   Christopher Davies and Lynn Luckow
November 30
   Jeff Lerner
Note: This birthday list is based on membership information in ClubRunner. Please update your ClubRunner account to help us keep this information current. If you need help with ClubRunner, please contact our current newsletter editor.
1975: Jim Patrick
2007: Tucker Kuhn, Kevin Waldeck, and Rosemary Welde
2014: Rhonda Poppen
2015: Peter de Castro
2018: Kai Burrus, Jane Ferguson Flout, Colleen McCarthy
2019: Miranti Ojong, and Ravinder Sehgal
2020: Katherine Cooney and Lesya Pishchevskaya
Note:  The year listed above is when these members joined the Rotary Club of San Francisco. Happy anniversary to all!