September 1, 2019
From the Club Blog
Membership News: September 2019
In accordance with our Club Bylaws, I am pleased to announce that these individuals are scheduled to be inducted into our Club as our newest members on September 10, 2019:
Evan Fu (Event Planning | Socialhaus)
Carlos Infante (Banking: Management | Chase Bank)
Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about these proposed new members.
July 2019 Board Highlights
The Board of the Rotary Club of San Francisco met on July 30, 2019; a quorum was present. In addition to the Board, Club members Terry Pickering and Stephanie Schmautz were present.
The Board reviewed upcoming events for August 2019. Rhonda Poppen announced that the community-based Rotaract Club is looking for speakers, and she had agreed to be a speaker. Dan Joraanstad said that he would invite San Francisco State University, one of our Club's corporate members, to participate in the Rotary Meadow clean-up on September 7.
Upcoming Events
ROTARY LUNCHEON September 3, 2019:  Iris Oved and The Paradox Lab
We live in a time of fake news, political polarization, targeted social media, climate disputes, increasing job automation, and biased artificial intelligence. Dr. Iris Oved, Founder and Executive Director of The Paradox Lab, will be sharing her work to nurture the cognitive and social skills in youth and give you an opportunity to participate in a short demo lesson. The original speaker for today had to cancel due to a conflict.
SERVICE PROJECT September 7, 2019: Rotary Meadow Restoration
Get a little muddy and help Sutro Stewards weed and restore Rotary Meadow - a garden of native plants our Club planted at the summit of Mount Sutro in 2004. Friends and family (including children ten and older) are welcome. After all the work is done, we'll enjoy pizza, beer, and fellowship.
ROTARY LUNCHEON September 10, 2019:  Leila Zia and Wikipedia
Zia, Leila Feb 2014Leila Zia, Principal Research Scientist and Head of the Research team at the Wikimedia Foundation, will define the role of Wikipedia today and describe it not only in terms of what it directly brings to its users and editors on site, but also in terms of the technological advancements it has made possible to an array of non-profit and for-profit organizations.
Diaper Bag Assembly for Homeless Prenatal Program: September 10, 2019
Join us at this service opportunity where Club members and guests will stuff diaper bags with the supplies new moms need to help care for their babies. The bags will be distributed to pregnant women involved in Prenatal Classes at the Homeless Prenatal Project. Afterwards, we'll walk down the block to Mars Bar and Restaurant for food, fellowship, and fun.
Baby Showers for Homeless Prenatal Program: September 12, 2019
Join us at one or both of the Baby Showers at the Homeless Prenatal Program where we will give expectant mothers diaper bags filled with supplies. The party for Spanish speakers starts at 10:30 AM; the party for English speakers starts at 1:00 PM.
Rotary Twilight Golf: September 12, 2019
Join The Rotary Club of San Francisco for a friendly round of golf and a chance to win our coveted Golf Trophy! Points are based on participation, not necessarily golf score, so all skill levels are welcome! Fellowship follows every outing. Tee time is 4:15.
Cal vs N Texas Football & Tailgate: September 14, 2019
Join Rotarians and friends from across the Bay Area for a Rotary Tailgate and seats in a reserved section at the Cal/North Texas football game and T-shirt toss.
Roots of Peace Pool and Barbecue Party: September 15, 2019
Roots of Peace is throwing a thank-you pool and barbecue party, and you are invited. Registration is required and will close one day before the event. When you register yourself, please be sure to also register anyone else in your party.
Dinner Club at The Arc: September 16, 2019
Enjoy the opportunity to make dinner and share it with new friends at The Arc. Rotarians are invited to join the fun at one dinner a month: come once, or make it a regular commitment! Open to family and friends who are over 17.
ROTARY LUNCHEON September 17, 2019: Caroline Kornfeld Roberts, Asylum
Caroline Kornfield Roberts, the Executive Director of Oasis Legal Services, will discuss the process of applying for asylum, recent changes in policy and the work that Oasis is doing locally and on a national level..
ROTARY 101 September 17, 2019
Dan Joraanstad, Vice President of Membership, will offer a brief training to new and prospective members immediately following the regular luncheon meeting. The training will last about 30 minutes. Whether you are new or returning, everyone is welcome!
Rotary Twilight Golf: September 26, 2019
Join The Rotary Club of San Francisco for a friendly round of golf and a chance to win our coveted Golf Trophy! Points are based on participation, not necessarily golf score, so all skill levels are welcome! Fellowship follows every outing. Tee time is 4:15.
ROTARY LUNCHEON October 1, 2019:  San Francisco Fire Department Chief Nicholson
San Francisco Fire Chief Nicholson was sworn in as the 26th Fire Chief of San Francisco on May 6, 2019. She will talk about her background, the Fire Department's history, and her goals for the Department.