San Francisco
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Member pictureClimate change is an unprecedented challenge to humankind. CO2 in the atmosphere is dramatically changing our planet, no matter what or who may be the cause. The world’s least prepared and most vulnerable are those who will be impacted the greatest.  These are the same people Rotary has devoted its services to over the last century. As Rotarians and People of Action we are in a position to address and impact this crisis. John Mathers, 2017-2018 Club President, will talk on how Rotary asks us to take action as individuals, as business people, as a Club, and in the community. 

This session is part of our educational series entitled 2020-2021 Becoming People of Action: Learning and Growth. The session is free, but you must register by 11 a.m. on Thursday, October 22, 2020. Connection information will be provided only to those who register by the above deadline.