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Climate Restoration is not a substitute for mitigation (preventing or reducing greenhouse-gas emissions) or adaptation (preventing or reducing damage from global warming) — but a timely and much-needed addition to them. It will allow the world to achieve what climate activists have been working for over the decades: a safe and healthy climate for humanity and the ecosystems we need and enjoy.

MIT-trained physicist and entrepreneur, Peter Fiekowsky is committed to leaving behind a world of which he is proud. This commitment has driven his work on multiple climate initiatives, especially moving beyond net-zero emissions by 2050 to assure restoration of a safe and healthy climate, which means reducing atmospheric CO2 levels to below 300 parts per million. 

After earning his degree from MIT, Peter worked at NASA’s airborne observatory and then in artificial intelligence (AI) at Fairchild and Schlumberger. Peter then started Automated Visual Inspection, LLC, which has remained an industry leader in semiconductor defect analysis.

With years in business, lobbying, and advocacy, Peter realized that progress in poverty reduction and other causes would be eclipsed by declining climate conditions. With this in mind, Peter helped launch the Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) and continued to take on advisory roles. Through his work leading CCL’s 100-Year Plan Team, he learned that a hopeful and inspiring long-term climate goal could garner unified, urgent support. Ultimately, this climate goal became Climate Restoration, and it inspired the founding of the Foundation for Climate Restoration.

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