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RCAT logoRotarians Making a Difference: Three Clubs Take on Great Projects

Three clubs will be sharing projects they are doing or have completed.

Rebuilding Panamanian Coral Reefs
Steve Bender, RC Newport Beach CA

Our coastal sinks – kelp, coral and wetlands – provide significant carbon sequestration solutions that can help restore balance in our climate challenged world. A group of Rotarians have taken on rebuilding coral reefs off the coast of Panama. This is the kind of project that makes a dramatic difference for our environment but also brings together employment for the local community and volunteer opportunities for Rotarians. Learn more about this powerful project.
EV Charging Stations
Alan Anderson and Rick Estenson, RC Northfield MN

The Rotary Club of Northfield, Minnesota, started a Rotary Climate Action Team in 2017, after our club made climate action one of its top five priorities, in a new long-range plan. Besides working to educate our club members, we also wanted to do a Rotary project that 1. Has an impact and 2. Is visible in the community. Since our small town had no public electric vehicle charging stations, we partnered with the city of Northfield, to install 2 sets of 2 stations each, in our downtown area. They have been well received, and through the company Charge Point, we can track their use. We look forward to telling you more about it and answering your questions.
Energize San Mateo
Rick Raybin, RC San Mateo CA

Our target is to build a sustainable economic environment by introducing clean energy with employment opportunities that support the community while addressing inequalities regarding access to sound climate practices. The project has engaged well over a dozen governmental, educational, business and non-profit entities to build awareness and provide resources. This effort demonstrated how Rotary clubs can bring disparate organizations together to make a difference in their community. Find out how our Club has made this happen.
Share Your Project with RCAT Network
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A brief presentation of the new RCAT Website.  Project sharing is the heart of this Network. We want to upload hundreds of projects and allowing Rotary clubs to learn from each other and to share areas of common focus. Join us for an update on this effort.

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