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Lisa Altieri40% of US GHG emissions come from five basic household activities we do every day: electricity use, home heating, transportation, food and waste. There are solutions for all five where you can take action, reduce your impact on the environment, and even save money.  Join us in April to understand more about your carbon footprint and how you, and your club, can use this platform to uncover solutions that will impact the climate crisis. 

Lisa Altieri is founder and CEO of Climate Solutions Net and creator of the extremely successful WeRenew.net carbon footprint assessment platform.  CSN’s web application makes it simple, easy and fun to learn about solutions and take actions including resources and progress tracking, and then connects users to work together and share ideas and resources. Think “Fitbit” meets “Nextdoor” for climate solutions.

Lisa’s background is a unique blend of experience including data analytics, business management and grassroots organizing. She has designed custom strategic data reporting and analysis tools for Silicon Valley companies as a consultant and organized over 5,000 volunteers in under 18 months as volunteer Regional Field Organizer for the Obama Campaign in 2012. Lisa has a B.S. and M.S. in Environment & Development Economics from UC Berkeley.

Lisa will be joined by Patrick Jurney, the City Program Manager with Community Climate Solutions, working with 30+ different cities, counties, and nonprofits to help engage residents on climate solutions. Patrick has custom-developed climate solutions programs for the Girl Scouts, Sierra Club, and dozens of local organizations - from the Kiwanis to local churches. Patrick comes to the role with a deep understanding of nonprofit development and community organizing. He founded the nonprofit Colorado Springs Food Rescue, taking an idea and creating a group that redistributes over one million pounds of food each year, and then went on to pass environmental and civic engagement policies in the state of California.

Please join the Rotary Climate Action Teams (RCAT) Network for this informative view of the climate crisis. To find out more about RCAT, the Network, and the Speakers Forum, go here