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San Francisco
The Salvation Army
360 4th Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
United States of America

Volunteers (limited to 12 maximum) needed to assemble hygiene kits for distribution to the homeless. You will only be asked to assemble the kits during this phase of the project.

The tasks are as follows:

1. Open each hygiene box containing 5 hygiene kits.
2. Add a mask into each hygiene kit.
3. Add a Salvation Army Informational Sheet into each hygiene kit.
4. Affix a Rotary label on each zip-locked hygiene kit. Reseal the zip-locked bag, place the bag into the box, and close the box.

Multiple tables will be set up and spaced out to allow for the opening of boxes, the insertion of materials and mask, and the restacking of boxes without contact with others.

Each volunteer will be asked to sign a photo/video release form. All volunteers must wear a mask and be in good health. Bring your own gloves if you have some. Questions or concerns about this activity should be directed to Bob Hermann, Vice President of Community Service.