Posted by Dora Dye on Jun 08, 2020
Norm Lynde, a retired certified public accountant turned blogger, contacted our Club recently in search of a painting by one of our former members. That member was Albert Tolf (1911-1996) pictured here. Albert in his lifetime was well known for his paintings and cartoons about the city of San Francisco and its history. As I learned through three of our Club's past presidents: Jim Patrick, Scott Plakun, and Eric Schmautz, Albert Tolf is also the artist of the masthead that you see weekly at the top of each issue of our Grindings newsletter. Norm was kind to share his blog about his journey and experiences as he "traveled through San Frantasia"—the San Francisco that Albert depicted for us in great detail, building stories within stories. Norm also shared how he found hope in Albert's artwork for our City during this difficult period in all of our lives. Please go here and don't miss a single link.
Blog reprinted with permission from Norm Lynde