Posted by Dora Dye on Apr 02, 2019
One of our ongoing service projects is support of the Homeless Prenatal Program. HPP offers services focused on housing, prenatal and parenting support, child development, family finances and stability, access to technology, domestic violence and substance abuse, family unification, and emergency support of basic needs.
Several times a year, our Club stuffs diaper bags and distributes these bags to expectant mothers at two baby showers: one in Spanish and the other in English. On March 14, 2019, I participated in the baby shower for a Spanish-speaking audience. Carrie Condran LaBriola served at the baby shower for an English-speaking audience.

The morning shower included delicious food such as chilaquiles and huevos. In addition, each expectant mother was given a bag to be filled with items from the tables full of donated blankets and clothing for their newborn. Our own Susan Dean had hand knitted many of the blankets that were being donated. The other donor that day was the Grace Episcopal Church from St. Helena.

There were games. One of the games played was where I wore a cast shaped like a pregnant belly, and everyone was asked to guess how many squares of toilet paper it would take to go around my belly. Later I was asked to pass out prizes such as car seats, clothing, boxes of diapers, and other newborn items to the winners of each game.

During the shower, I was asked to speak to the audience in Spanish about our Club and extend our best wishes to these families. At the very end of the shower, I got to pass out our Club's diaper bags.

If you missed this opportunity, there will be another opportunity to stuff diaper bags and help at the baby showers. Check for the next opportunity and hope to see you there.

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