Posted by Dora Dye on Jan 19, 2020
On a stormy night, eight Rotarians gathered to plate dictionaries to be distributed in the San Francisco Unified School District. Present were Harold Hoogasian, Mark Calender, David Dye, Dora Dye, Bob Hermann, Dan Joraanstad, Kevin Leong, and Kathryn McCall. Steve Lindstrom, a guest, joined us as well.
First, we removed and opened these boxes of dictionaries from the pallet.
Then, we formed an assembly line and plated each dictionary with the Four-Way Test and the name of our Club. Each dictionary then went back into a box, and each box was placed back on the pallet.Mark Calender, Bob Hermann, Kathryn McCall, Dora Dye, and Kevin Leong
Because we were worked so efficiently together, the whole project was done in about 45 minutes, and we were back out in the rain. Many thanks to all! A special thank you goes to Mark Calender who has chaired this project for several years.
The next step will be to distribute these dictionaries in San Francisco elementary schools. If you would like to help and interact with the young recipients of these dictionaries, please contact Mark Calender.

Our Club is looking for a new chair to chair the Dictionary Project. Please contact Bob Hermann for more information.