Posted by David Dye on Mar 04, 2021
President JT Forbus (Accounting | Bogdan & Frasco) celebrated the first compact disc released on March 2, 1983 and led us virtually to Lombard Street in San Francisco. He also shared a video clip of the recent move in San Francisco of an entire Victorian house six blocks from its original location.
Visiting Rotarians and Guests
In today's audience were Moustafa Harfoush, Jamie Miller, Devin Lewis, Jeff Lerner, and today's speaker Alan Deardorff. Member Rachel Kantosky zoomed all the way from Trondheim.
President JT posed this question:  What was the first music album you purchased? He invited responses on the Chat.
Member Moment
Ann Daugherty (Financial Services: Private Trading | IBN Financial Services) shared her background and what she enjoys about being a Rotarian. Ann began her career in financial services working for Smith Barney. Since then, she has worked for Merrill Lynch, Oppenheimer, and other financial services companies. She currently works as an Institutional bond trader for a few select organizations.
Grants Season Opened
Mary Liu (Real Estate: Sales | JM Real Estate Group | Vanguard Properties) announced the deadlines for grant applications:  first round due on March 16, 2021 and the second round due on April 1, 2021. The following amounts are available:
District Designated Funds - $27,813
San Francisco Rotary Foundation - $164,508
TOTAL - $192,321.
Rotary Climate Action Team
John Mathers (Management Consulting | eVo Associates) gave an update on the work of RCAT and shared some possible club projects.
Highlights from the February 23, 2021 Board Meeting
$20 for Twenty
  • President JT led off today's $20 for Twenty and celebrated the leadership in the Club who will help him during tax season. 
  • John Mathers donated to celebrate his 75th birthday. Happy Birthday to Past President John!
  • Bob Hermann (Information Technology: Administration | Retired UCSF) donated to thank the volunteers in our Club who make our community service projects thrive; to thank those who attended the recent Community Service committee meeting; and to express gratitude for his full recovery.
  • Anita Stangl (Medical Services | Alliance for Smiles) celebrated the virtual education programs developed by Alliance for Smiles with its partners in Bangladesh, the Congo, Guatemala, Honduras, and Egypt in the language of the host countries.
  • Peter Logan (Law: Insurance | Peter Logan Law Offices) celebrated getting a COVID vaccine.
Today's Speaker
Scott Plakun (Management Consulting | The Plakun Group) introduced today's speaker, Dr. Alan Deardorff. Dr. Deardorff is the John W. Sweetland Professor of International Economics and a professor of public policy at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He discussed the pandemic's effect on economies and international trade and analyze the policies that the US and other countries used, some positively but often negatively, to deal with the damage. President JT thanked Dr. Deardorff and announced that 100 children would be inoculated against polio in his name.