Posted by David Dye on Mar 09, 2021
2018-2019 Past President Rhonda Poppen (Grant Writing | GRANTdog) welcomed everyone to today's meeting and celebration of International Women's Day.
Visiting Rotarians and Guests
In today's audience were Salvador Farfan, Jeff Lerner, Salma Nakhuda, Andres Vera, Moustafa Harfoush, and today's speakers - Cinthia Carvajal and Ammarah Maqsood. Also present from Roots of Peace were Carol Lustenader, Patricia Sheikh, and Linda Sussman. 
Here is today's question: The focus of our March 23 meeting surrounds COVID-19 vaccinations. In order to tune the talk to our interests, the speaker is asking for our more pressing questions and concerns about the vaccines. Everyone was asked to post responses on the Chat.
Anita StanglSpecial Rotary Moment
Past President Rhonda celebrated International Women's Day with a look back at how women have advanced in Rotary. She then introduced Anita Stangl (Medical Services | Alliance for Smiles). Anita described how in the 1980s, she, as a teacher, got involved with Camp Enterprise. Because of that experience, she asked to join our Club. She joined in 1987 when our Club had very few women members, went on to become Club President in 2006-2007, and remains very active up to today. 

Anita helped to promote Camp Enterprise to the San Francisco Unified School District. She became involved in international projects and ultimately, served as the Executive Director for Alliance for Smiles. The audience gave a round of applause to Anita for being a pioneer in bringing women to Rotary.
New Dates for Grants
Applications are now due on April 6, 2021. For District Designated Funds, the deadline is now June 1, 2021. For more information, please contact President-Elect Mary Liu (Real Estate: Sales | JM Real Estate Group | Vanguard Properties).
PRLS Training 
Bob Hermann (Information Technology: Administration | Retired UCSF) promoted Rotary’s “Potential Rotary Leadership Seminars” and encouraged anyone interested in taking on a leadership role within Rotary, or simply improving their leadership and speaking skills, to consider the program. See the District's calendar for dates and registration.
Rotary Meadow
Many thanks to Harold Hoogasian (Retail: Florist | Hoogasian Flowers) for leading another service project on March 6, 2021 at Rotary Meadow. For the full story, go here
Heidi KuhnRoots of Peace
Heidi Kuhn (Peace Building | Roots of Peace) joined to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Roots of Peace. She noted that Roots of Peace received a World Peace award from the government of Afghanistan and talked about the success of their work in Afghanistan. Roots of Peace recently received a $30 million grant from the US government for work in the Middle East. 
Moustafa HarfoushNew Member Inducted 
Past President Rhonda and our Vice President of Membership Terry Pickering (Financial Services | Retired) inducted Moustafa Harfoush (Law: Real Estate | Law Office of Moustafa Harfoush), who has been actively engaged in our Club and looks forward to becoming more involved. Welcome to Moustafa!
$20 for Twenty
  • John Mathers (Management Consulting | eVo Associates) donated to celebrate his wedding anniversary.
  • Dan Joraanstad (Financial Services: Advising | Retired) donated to announce a generous donor matching new gifts up to $3,000 in the 50/50 Campaign.
Today's Speakers
Cinthia CarvajalAmmarah MaqsoodJessica Hansen (Nonprofit Management | Alliance for Smiles) introduced today's speakers, Cinthia Carvajal and Ammarah Maqsood, both of whom are members of the Global Fund for Women team. They discussed what current politics and movements mean for women (in the U.S. and abroad), and how power and privilege can be shifted to women via feminist philanthropy. They also shared how to support gender justice and help create meaningful and lasting change for women and girls around the world. Past President Rhonda thanked Cinthia and Ammarah and announced that 100 children would be inoculated against polio in their name.