Posted by Dora Dye on Nov 11, 2020
In today's meeting, President JT Forbus (Accounting | Bogdan & Frasco) was dressed as Neo of the Matrix movie series, choosing between the red pill and the blue pill. He welcomed members, visiting Rotarians, and guests and led us virtually to the Four Seasons Total Landscaping. (Note: One of the advantages of virtual meetings is that we can meet in any location.)
Guests and Visiting Rotarians
Miranti Ojong (Financial Services: Advising | Team Armada) introduced her guest, Sara Willett. Heidi Kuhn (Peace Building | Roots of Peace) introduced Rachel Donovan. The Club welcomed from Rotary District 5150 Past District Governor Riki Intner. Visiting from the Rotary Club of Deonar, Mumbai, India was Dr. Kiran Dabholkar.
New Members Inducted
President JT and our Vice President of Membership Terry Pickering (Financial Services | Retired) inducted our two newest members: Katie Cooney (Healthcare: Hospital Administration | UCSF Health) and Lesya Pishchevskaya (Information Technology: Administration | IdealTarget). Katie's father, Bob Cooney who is a Rotarian in Michigan, joined to congratulate his daughter. Lesya's sister, Olga, was a former member of our Club. Welcome to both Katie and Lesya!
Your Rotary Moment
President JT shared the highlights of the project of the First Five Rotary Clubs in the World to distribute hygiene kits to the homeless in the respective five cities. In our Club, we obtained the hygiene kits from the Latter-day Saint Charities. Vice President of International Service Susan Dean (Healthcare: Nursing Services | Retired) brokered a deal with the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) to secure free face masks for these hygiene hits. An in-person meeting took place where TECO delivered the masks to our Club; our own District 5150 Governor Mary Bates was present. On Saturday, November 7, 2020, members of our Club assembled the kits. On Saturday, November 14, 2020, our members in partnership with the Salvation Army will distribute these kits citywide to the homeless.
White Hat Society Presentation
Riki Intner, Rotary District 5150 Past District Governor and Chair of the White Hat Society, joined to induct Bob Hermann (Information Technology: Administration | Retired UCSF) and Dan Joraanstad (Financial Services: Advising | Retired) into the White Hat Society. To qualify, a member must donate $5,000 in one year and recruit another Rotarian to do the same. The Rotarian recruited by Bob and Dan was Heidi Kuhn, who had submitted her application already for this recognition. The audience gave Bob and Dan a hearty applause.
ALPS Update
Harmony Ma, ALPS manager, joined to give an update on the Action Leadership Program with Students. She invited us to participate in the next facilitator training on November 21.
$20 for Twenty Seconds
President JT began the donations today and donated to celebrate the induction of Bob Hermann and Dan Joraanstad into the White Hat Society. He also celebrated the work of both in our Club and in Rotary. Over 20 members followed and donated to recognize both Bob and Dan and/or Heidi. In addition to celebrating Bob, Dan, and Heidi, Immediate Past President Casey Blair (Financial Services: Private Trading | KCB Trading, LLC) donated to celebrate his new hairdo. President-Elect Mary Liu (Real Estate: Sales | JM Real Estate Group | Vanguard Properties) also donated in honor of Bob, Dan and Heidi as well as to celebrate her latest real estate closing.
Guest Speaker
Anita Stangl (Medical Services | Alliance for Smiles) introduced today's speaker, Jessica Hansen (Nonprofit Management | Alliance for Smiles). In addition to being a member of our Club and Executive Director at Alliance for Smiles, Jessica is also a Senior Strategist at the Impact Travel Alliance. Jessica gave an excellent presentation on how to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. She prompted us to think of the choices and the consequences for each choice. President JT thanked Jessica and announced that 100 children would be inoculated against polio in her name.