Posted by Jyoti Chokshi on Jul 02, 2020
On June 24, 2020, the Board of the San Francisco Rotary Foundation (SFRF) held their final meeting of the Rotary year 2019-20. This was Tim Hornbecker’s last meeting as SFRF Board President, completing an outstanding tenure through challenging times. Tim navigated the Foundation meetings through COVID-19 with the use of technology and led the Board in approving funding for personal protective equipment (PPE) in lightning speed.
In the meeting, the Board budgeted and approved almost $142K for Community Service, Youth Service, and International Service grants to be funded in 2020-21 and set aside $30K for reserves.
The SFRF also recognized and expressed appreciation to our outgoing Board members for their service, particularly to Jim Kennedy who had completed his term and had made many contributions over the years. Then, the SFRF welcomed our new and returning Board members:
Dan Joraanstad, President
John Mathers, Vice President
Tom Brunner, Treasurer
Bill Poppen, Secretary
Robin Azevedo
Tom Briody
Cecile Chiquette
Jyoti Chokshi
Tim Hornbecker
Kevin Leong
Peter Logan
Luis Moran
Donna-Lee Rubin
Eric Schmautz
Stephanie Schmautz
JT Forbus, ex-officio Club President
Mary Liu, ex-officio Club President-elect
Casey Blair, ex-officio Immediate Past Club President
The next Board meeting is scheduled for September 16, 2020 at 12 noon.