Posted by Harold Hoogasian on Mar 08, 2021
After an evening of light rain, the glorious sun shone on Rotary Meadow where we worked. Under the direction of Kelly Dodge (Sutro Stewards Volunteer Coordinator and Educator), we removed non-native plants and bramble and planted species of native plants. The new plants included: soap plant, pipevine, pokeweed, sticky monkey flowers, and purple melic grass.
The experience was exciting because we all knew that we would get to see these plants grow over time with each work project visit.  

In addition to Kelly, Gary Keener, Andres Vera, Dan Joraanstad, and Bob Hermann participated in today's work day. Thank you and thank you to the Rotary Club of San Francisco for its support of Rotary Meadow all these years.
Remember that you can join us on an outside Rotary Work Day which is a fun way to get to know the members of our Club. You are also welcome to independently volunteer at Sutro Stewards. See here for details