Posted by Dora Dye on Dec 14, 2021
We have reached the final issue of Grindings for 2021. I will be taking a short break. Grindings will not be published on December 26, 2021, but will resume on January 2, 2022. We have already started to plan the new year. Take a moment to view the Club calendar for events in January 2022. Registration is required for all events so that we can send you additional information as needed. 
What a year! We started 2021 (Year 2 of a global pandemic) as we had ended 2020 and continued to meet via Zoom only except for an occasional service project in person in very small groups. During his term, Past President JT Forbus held only one meeting in person - his debunking in June 2021. President Mary Liu ushered in the era of meeting simultaneously in person and via Zoom. We continue to adapt and evolve, proving our resilience.
What caught my attention the most was our Club's intentional exploration of diversity, equity, and inclusion. I am heartened that our Club is striving to better understand, respect, and welcome everyone. 
As we wrap up 2021, I want to thank you for being a part of my Rotary family in another challenging and difficult year. You kept me engaged and lifted my spirits when they needed a lift. I wish you joy during the holidays and peace and good health in the new year.