Posted by Harmony Ma on Nov 04, 2021
Having a safe space where young people may learn about the foundations of health and exercise is an important aspect of developing a healthy understanding of fitness and positive body image. This is what our latest group of ALPS leaders believes. In our current day and age of social media and competition/comparison-driven environments, our ALPS students have been striving to create a program that provides positive mentorship and role models as well as fun activities for elementary students. 

Since July, these student leaders have been planning a collaborative exercise program with their local elementary school. They’ve learned to work under COVID-19 guidelines, event and spacing logistics, and equipment loans and donations in order to plan safe programming.  
Last Thursday, October 28, 2021, our ALPS students led their very first programming day with young students in partnership with Greenhills Elementary School. This yoga-focused day was the first of their planned activities. 

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ALPS is our Club’s newest, innovative youth leadership program created to serve the young people of our community and encourage opportunities in multigenerational leadership. 
Through youth-generated, adult-facilitated community projects, we provide hands-on learning experiences for high schoolers to cultivate their leadership potential. ALPS empowers youth with the confidence and tools to successfully lead change projects in their schools, communities and worlds. Our programs prepare youth to be service above self leaders for a civil society and healthy communities.
If you would like to participate in any capacity, serve the young people in ALPS or just learn more, please reach out to Harmony Ma.
(Instructors pictured are ALPS students Izzy, Cameron, Melanie, and Emily)