Posted by Daniel Joraanstad on Mar 14, 2019
New Members: The March 2019 class of new members has been inducted. This is an impressive set of individuals. Some of the details about their background are highlighted below. Please reach out, say hello, and get to know our newest members.
Adrienne Cool is the Director of the Planetarium and Observatory at San Francisco State University. SFSU is one of our Club’s corporate members, and Adrienne becomes the fifth and final designee. Adrienne plans to connect SFSU students to activities in our Club and will host a gathering for Rotarians at the Planetarium in May.
Irena Matijas came to the US from Croatia when she was just 2-1/2 years old and is now the co-owner of Home Sweet Home senior care facility in Daly City. Irena is interested in women’s advancement, leadership, child safety, and literacy.
Leah Masuda had a career in television reporting in Tampa, Florida. She is interested in community and youth service, fundraising, and public relations.
The University of California, San Francisco is another corporate member. Aldea Meary-Miller and Rachel White become the fourth and fifth designees. Aldea is interested in helping to plan events for the Club as well as working on projects related to health and emotional well-being of elderly populations. Rachel would like to contribute to projects involving the homeless and youth; she is also interested in participating in medical missions.
Rachel Kantosky is a project director for the University of California, San Francisco and is joining as an individual. She recently moved to San Francisco and is seeking personal growth through volunteer work and networking with leaders in the City.
Christopher Wiseman is Assistant Director of Galas for the Glaucoma Foundation and is active in the San Francisco community. We look forward to Christopher chairing one of our Club’s events.
Good luck to our new members!