Posted by Dora Dye on Aug 04, 2021
Brian Lan is the Senior Manager of Investor Relations at DocuSign where the IR team highlights industry trends and crafts key messages for its shareholders and analysts. He helps to develop the company's investor communication strategy.
Brian currently resides in South San Francisco with his wife, Rose Hoang, who works for a startup in San Francisco. They enjoy traveling and trying new places to eat. His hobbies include singing, writing, watching movies, and learning new things.
Brian joined our Club on August 14, 2018 and the Board in September 2020. His goal for the PR and Communications Committee is to continue to help promote our Club's activities and achievements to the public. Said Brian, "We hope to inspire and build a better sense of community among existing members and to help attract new members through our outreach via social media."
Editor's Note: In this column, we spotlight a current Board member so that you can learn more about this member and his role. If you would like to contact this Board member or join his committee, go here.