Posted by Rhonda Poppen on Jul 29, 2018
Happy New Year and Happy 110th Anniversary Year!!
It is an honor to serve as your president for the 2018-2019 Rotary year. Your welcoming enthusiasm, from last week's energetic meeting to the many emails and texts you have sent my way, is a sign of the great team we are! I am thankful.
The Rotary International theme for 2018-2019 is Be The Inspiration. I relayed in our first meeting and wish to reiterate that our Club's plan to inspire boils down to several components. One is our formal plan on paper evidenced by our goals and our common desire to see our Club and surrounding communities thrive.
The more important plan to me is your personal plan to "Be The Inspiration". How will each of you personally find fulfillment through your Rotary experience as we complete our Club's mission to Support strong communities through strong friendships and active engagement.
I strongly encourage each of you to find three to four aspects of our Club about which you are passionate. Plan out and intentially pour your energy and resources into those Club elements, whether you be a new member or whether you are a veteran member looking to rekindle your passion for service.
Chance it say there is no other group in our great City with more enjoyable, diverse, and long-standing service opportunities.  I anticipate the coming days and the impact we will make together. Come along for the ride; you won't want to miss out!