Posted by Sunny Singh on Nov 07, 2021
On November 3, 2021, a group of 15 people participated in our Vocational Service event - Professional Portrait and Business Networking. President Mary Liu offered her office at Vanguard Properties for this event. Pat Johnson, a well-known Bay Area photographer, took a professional headshot of each attendee.
Jenny Campbell, one of our Club's new members, led the networking during the event. Each attendee partnered with someone in the group and learned their elevator pitch. Next, each person went up to the stage and presented the partner’s elevator pitch. 
This method allowed us to focus on our listening skills, and now, we will remember better our partner’s business, ideal clients, and what value they provide. Everyone felt the event was a success, and we did learn about each other’s profession at a deeper level. 

In addition to the networking, attendees were treated to wine, beer, and delicious sandwiches.
(left to right: Elaine Hom, Sunny Singh, Jenny Campbell, Dan Davies, Melissa Galliani, and Mary Liu)