Posted by Ann Daugherty on Sep 10, 2019
On Saturday, September 7, 2019, Club members Christopher Wiseman, Ann Daugherty, president Casey Blair and his daughter, Bill Poppen, Dan Joraanstad, Bob Hermann, and Harold Hoogasian met at Mt. Sutro to be instructed and guided by the Sutro Stewards on how to clear and weed around our historic Rotary marker while protecting the native flora. What started off as a cool and foggy day (perfect weather for gardening) turned into a warm and welcoming afternoon. 
Bob Hermann pointed out, "We were anxious and ready to dig in literally to combat the pervasive weeds and growth in the Rotary Meadows. Along with other groups, we tackled the blackberry brambles and thorny bushes; ouch! With vim and vigor, we pulled and tugged until all of sudden, visually obvious pathways and other non-invasive species came into sight. Yes, we collected barrels and barrels of weeds, unwelcome plants, and invasive species making for a large dent in one section of Rotary Meadow."
It was a wonderful time to share ideas and to get to know our fellow Rotarians on a deeper level. Over pizza after the weeding, we learned of the influence our Rotary Club has had with its initial support of this Service Project. Our support has sparked many other projects supporting the 61 acres of park on Mt. Sutro, involving as many as 2,000 Steward volunteers from a combination of several groups who have booked thousands of hours clearing trails and developing the area.
Says Harold Hoogasian, past Club president and chair of this service project, "It was good, clean, and dirty fun!"
If you missed this opportunity and would like to help in the future, please check our website or read future issues of Grindings to find out the next time we will return to Rotary Meadow.
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