February 2, 2020
From the Club Blog
LUNCHEON MEETING HIGHLIGHTS January 21, 2020:  Ted Drake
President Casey Blair (Financial Services:  Private Trading | KCB Trading, LLC) welcomed Visiting Rotarians and guests, and thanked the Volunteers of the Day.

John Mathers (Management Consulting | eVo Associates) reported on the success of the Fund the Future benefit. 130 people attended, and $53,200 net was raised. Both John and Janine Padilla (Real Estate:  Sales | Astral Management) praised the student participation and talked about the great silent auction. In recognition of her work to put together Fund the Future and her contributions to the Club, Janine Padilla was named Rotarian of the Month.
Welcome to the Club Gathering
Club Rotarian Lynn Luckow graciously extended his place of business for the Welcome to the Club gathering on January 23, 2020. There were snacks and wine which helped proliferate meaningful conversations about Rotary and our Club. 
What's New in the Rotary Club of San Francisco!
The Rotary Club of San Francisco has been busy planning new activities for you.
In the month of February 2020, we are offering three social events:  Rotary Night at the Warriors Game on February 10; Happy Hour at Zingari Ristorante on February 26; and the Cal vs. Utah basketball game on February 29.
Save the date for World Wide Rotary Day on March 24, 2020. Registration is now open. Please RSVP well in advance so we can be sure to have enough seats for all who want to attend. We also need Club members to volunteer to serve as hosts for visiting consuls.
Upcoming Events
ROTARY LUNCHEON February 4, 2020: Randall Scott, What is a Community Benefit District and Why Are They Growing in Number?
Randall Scott, Executive Director of the Fisherman's Wharf Community Benefit District, will cover why community benefit districts are formed, how they are formed, and what they do. This speaker is part of our series of speakers on San Francisco Still Knows How.
SOCIAL EVENT February 10, 2020: Rotary Night at the Warriors Game
It’s Rotary night at Chase Center! Come watch your Golden State Warriors take on the Miami Heat. Rotarians are offered a discounted rate and will receive a limited edition Rotary Warriors T-Shirt. The Warriors will make a donation toward our fight against polio. A great event for members, prospective members, and guests. Join us!
ROTARY LUNCHEON February 11, 2020: Deputy Chief David Lazar, SFPD Investigations Bureau
Deputy Chief Lazar will be providing an overview of the San Francisco Police Department’s Investigations Bureau including the newly formed centralized structure and how cases are assigned and investigated. Deputy Chief Lazar will also speak to the crime picture in 2019 and what the plans are in 2020 to prevent and address crime. This speaker is part of our series of speakers on San Francisco Still Knows How.
ROTARY LUNCHEON February 18, 2020:  Marc Johnson, Keeping Bees in the City
Marc Johnson, a member of the San Francisco Beekeepers Association, will provide an introduction to honey bees, talk about the benefits of having bees all around us, dispel some common myths about beekeeping that cause anxiety among city dwellers, and answer questions about how bees and humans can co-exist in the City. This speaker is part of our series of speakers on San Francisco Still Knows How.
ROTARY 101 February 18, 2020
Jim Patrick, past president, will offer a brief training to new and prospective members immediately following the regular luncheon meeting. The training will last about 30 minutes. Whether you are new or returning, everyone is welcome!
CLUB SOCIAL February 26, 2020: Happy Hour at Zingari Ristorante
Join us for a mix and mingle with fellow Rotarians, their guests, and prospective members over drinks and light bites. This is a great opportunity to get to know newer members or catch up with old friends.
Cal Basketball vs. Utah:  February 29, 2020
Join Rotarians and friends from across the Bay Area for Rotary Day at Cal Basketball to help support their Rotaract Club and watch the California Golden Bears basketball team in action.
ROTARY LUNCHEON March 3, 2020: Sunny Schwartz, The Home Free Project and Five Keys
Sunny Schwartz, co-founder of Five Keys, will tell us how the San Francisco County Jail launched a national movement with the first Charter School in the nation for incarcerated and post release adults. This speaker is part of our series of speakers on San Francisco Still Knows How.