San Francisco
via Zoom (link to be sent to you immediately after you register)
San Francisco, CA
United States of America

The Ending Human Trafficking Committee will host the first session of its "Ending Human Trafficking Virtual Education Series" with their outreach and education partner, San Francisco Collaborative Against Human Trafficking (SFCAHT).

SFCAHT’s Antonia Lavine will discuss the basics of understanding human trafficking, speaking about the definition of human trafficking, including the difference with smuggling; the impact of human trafficking, including statistics; international, federal, and state legislation on human trafficking; where sex trafficking and labor trafficking occur; common factors for vulnerability to human trafficking; signs of human trafficking; recruitment tactics used by traffickers; global and local response to human trafficking: prosecution, prevention, and protection of the victims; collaboration; and how communities can help fight human trafficking.

Ms. Lavine is a lawyer with over 20 years' experience in criminal prosecution, litigation and oversight. She has a Masters in International Legal Studies and U.S. Legal Studies from San Francisco's Golden Gate University School of Law. As a public prosecutor and criminal law expert in Europe, she specialized in law enforcement, justice reform and legislative action in the areas of human rights protection and combating complex crime, including money laundering, corruption, human trafficking and transnational organized crime. With law degrees in both the civil and common law legal systems, Antonia is consulted regularly for her comparative and international law expertise and has served on numerous government, UN, and NGO-sponsored projects and panels. She has directly contributed to drafting various pieces of domestic and international legislation, including the European Convention on Action Against Trafficking of Human Beings, and served for several years as an appointed expert on the European Union’s Group of Experts on Trafficking of Human Beings. Antonia also contributed to the founding of SFCAHT and served for several years on its committees and on the Board of Directors of the local victim service agency, Standing Against Global Exploitation (SAGE), Inc.

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