Posted by Lilian Tsi-Stielstra on Jun 16, 2020
Despite the shortened school year, the Interact Club at George Washington High School completed over 48 hours of volunteer service at a local food pantry, did a beach clean-up, provided support at marathons, and conducted bake sales to raise funds for a District International Service project. Together, they raised $850 and will be sending those funds to benefit Alliance for Smiles.

Jessica Hansen, Executive Director at Alliance for Smiles, expressed her gratitude.
The George Washington High School Interact Club is one of the 20,372 Interact Clubs in the Rotary World. The 28 Interactors at this high school are part of a larger family of 468,556 Interactors in 159 countries. This Interact Club is just five years young. The students embraced early on the Interact model of Dual Leaders in every role on the leadership team. For example, there are two presidents, two treasurers, two historians, two publicists, and so on. This model where a senior student takes a younger student under his or her wing ensures continuity, and the student leaders learn by teaching.

As we continue to practice social distancing, this Interact Club is using Zoom to stay connected and possibly conduct virtual fundraising to support healthcare projects. Many thanks to Mary Liu of the Rotary Club of San Francisco (RCSF) for teaching all three RCSF-sponsored Interact Clubs how to zoom.